Warm Air Systems

Warm air systems are amongst the most efficient forms of heating available today. The air is heated directly and is then delivered straight to where it’s needed around the home, office or workplace.

We are one of the few companies that offer a full repair, service and new installation of warm air units.

The latest Warm Air Units available incorporate significant technical advances and as a result they typically have a longer service life and fewer breakdowns than water-based systems. These improvements offer you the homeowner significant comfort and economic benefits when upgrading from older units.

New Units

A replacement unit can be installed with its modern equivalent and in most cases will fit back into the same position as your current unit without having to disrupt your home.

Direct-fired heaters are over 90% efficient with heat discharge either through directional grills or via ducting. This high efficiency method may be linked to extract ventilation and is ideal for locations that have high ventilation rates.